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Agencia Registrada Oficial API. Más de 25 Años de Servicios Excelentes en Inmobiliaria
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Financial Advice – Mortgages – Taxes – Tax Planning – in Spain

When buying a home in Spain, many aspects have to be taken in consideration.

Fortunately, with our 25 years of professional experience and personal approach, we dare to say that the “Van Camp Property Group” is one of the most reliable and professional partners you can find in Spain. We will guide you smoothly through all the paperwork and all the administrative procedures involved, such as:

Mortgage in Spain
With our experience we know will mortgage will fit you best. We work with several banks and financial institutions to get the best financial conditions for you.

International Tax Law
The scope available to each individual to carry out tax planning will differ depending on your circumstances and the type of income and assets you have.
Specialist advice should be sought as taxation treatment varies greatly from one country to another.

Spanish Residence
Your residence status is extremely important as this largely determines to which country you will pay your taxes.

Careful thought should be given to restructuring your investments and placing them into structures that are effective in your new country.

Trusts are a complex subject and will not be suitable for everyone. But in the right circumstances, trusts can minimise the amount of income tax, wealth tax (if applicable) and succession tax you pay in your new country. They can also be useful in protecting your assets and the intended beneficiaries. Specialist advice should be sought as the taxation treatment of trusts varies greatly from one country to another.

Tax Treaties
Tax treaties can provide useful tax planning solutions, although the specific benefits will of course depend on the particular country you move to and the nature of the income you are receiving or the types of assets you own.

Wealth Tax
If wealth tax is an issue in your new country, you should seek advice on ways to minimise your liability. This can often be done by simply restructuring your assets and investments and placing them into tax efficient structures that work in your new oversea country, or by perhaps placing these assets into a trust.

Inheritance Tax
Inheritance (or succession) tax planning is usually of concern to most individuals who wish for their assets to pass to their intended heirs with the minimum amount of tax payable. There is a gathering trend in Europe towards the abolition of inheritance tax between spouses. In addition to succession taxes, you should also research the succession laws of your new country as some countries have forced heirship laws which prevent you from leaving your assets to whomever you choose. Usually such laws protect children who have an automatic entitlement to inherit a certain portion of your assets on your death.

Qualified tax advice should be sought. There are a whole host of tax planning opportunities available and we will look  at  your affairs in the most tax efficient way possible. Each person has different circumstances and the scope for planning will differ accordingly. Most importantly, you should seek advice from a professional tax adviser who specialises not only in the laws of your new country but also in the tax laws of your old  country.as any tax planning will need to be effective in both countries.

We strongly advise you to seek current legal and financial advice from a qualified professional. If you want, we can help you with professional, independant financial experts, if needed.


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